Listen To C.L. Moore Read Her Space Horror Story, 'Shambleau'

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Here’s a perfect story for Halloween: Shambleau. Written by one of my favorite science fiction authors, C.L. Moore, you can now listen to the story as read by the author in a recently discovered recording.


Shambleau was Moore’s first short story, written on her breaks while she worked at a bank. The editors of Weird Tales magazine reportedly closed the offices that day after receiving it in their slush pile, in celebration for the find.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Moore is an author who hasn’t had a lot of attention (although that seems to be changing), and it’s really exciting to hear her voice for the first time, reading the story that made her career.


[SF Signal]

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So that’s what she sounds like. It’s a shame that The Best of C.L. Moore is out of print. You would think that things like “Shambleau” and “The Black God’s Kiss” would have the same basic appeal as Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard, or that “No Woman Born” would pop up more often in connection with books like vN or The Wind-Up Girl, but Moore seems to stay just on the edge of the spotlight. Oh well.