Listen to a Snippet of Junkie XL's Justice League Theme

Justice League, the Justice League-iest movie around.
Justice League, the Justice League-iest movie around.
Image: Warner Bros.

One of the highlights of Zack Snyder’s DC output, whatever you think of him, is Junkie XL. The composer bring a really interesting sonic sensibility to the films he works on (including Mad Max: Fury Road), and he previously worked on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Famously, he worked on a version of the Justice League score that was scrapped by Whedon and co. when Snyder left the film; now, with Snyder back, so is XL.


Yesterday, in conjunction with DC Fandome, Junkie XL premiered a small snippet of the main theme for Justice League, specifically orchestrated in this version for a major fight scene. XL confirmed that, in addition to the work already done while Justice League was filming, he’s doing additional work to make the Snyder Cut version of the film, which is releasing in four standalone parts, work with his score. Listen below, hat tip to Comic Book Resources.

It’s a solid theme, layered and both dark and uplifting in a way that fits with Snyder’s whole vibe. It’s not an old-school superhero theme, nor is it trying to be, but it works for me. If nothing else, this movie might have some cool music.

Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League releases next year on HBO Max.

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Famously, he worked on a version of the Justice League score

OT: Thank you for not saying “INfamously.” SO many people these days improperly use “infamously” (which, despite what Ned Nederlander said in The Tree Amigos, does NOT mean “more than famous”). It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

(The biggest, without a doubt, is when writers incorrectly identify one thing, e.g.: “This mission will have one goal: rescuing the princess, and bringing down the Empire.” THAT’S. TWO. THINGS.)

Carry on.