Listen in Awe to the First Taste of the Logan Score

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Holy crap, the Logan soundtrack is going to be incredible.

Director James Mangold teased out the first peek at the crew recording the original score for Logan, the third and likely best Wolverine film in the franchise. It’s only about 25 seconds, but it’s a helluva 25 seconds. It’s clear they’re going for a dark Western vibe with this thing — which isn’t much of a surprise, considering they used a Johnny Cash song in the first trailer. But still, damn.

Several fans were nervous when Mangold announced that Marco Beltrami was taking over for Cliff Martinez as composer. Martina, the former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, rose to acclaim for composing films like The Neon Demon, Drive, and Contagion, and fans were eager to see what he’d do with his first comic book film. Sadly, Martinez quietly dropped out late last year and Beltrami, who worked with Mangold on the first Wolverine film and 3:10 to Yuma, took over. It was a major loss and it still sucks, but much like Rogue One, the show must go on.


Based on this first peek, Beltrami is settling into the role wonderfully, and I’m psyched to see where things go from here. However, given the fact that Logan arrives in theaters in less than two months, hopefully things go quickly.

Star Hugh Jackman also recently shared the official two-sentence synopsis for Logan on Twitter. According to the description, Wolverine is caring for a sick Professor X while hiding out on the Mexican border. That is, until X-23 comes into his life and everything goes to hell. Damn, that sounds killer. Is it March 3 yet?



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From the 20 seconds of soundtrack, it sounds awesome, but then again, I don’t really think the soundtrack was the problem with The Wolverine. In fact, I loved 3:10 to Yuma, the last Western that Mangold did and that also had an awesome soundtrack. The Wolverine, however, had a great first half and then fell apart in the last half, which is what I’m worried will happen with Logan.

However, everything so far has me dancing with joy. In fact, I want to sing about how we’ll never have problems again!