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There has been some truly awful Twilight merchandise, but this Hunger Games nail polish — with seizure inducing names like "Baker's Son," "Rebel," "Cinna-Mon," and "Coal-Hearted" — would have rivaled the worst of the Twi-shwag. Luckily, Lionsgate came to its senses and put the kibosh on these products — and now they're facing a $10 million lawsuit as a result.


We weren't terribly surprised when news broke that Hunger Games was getting a nail polish line. Just terribly disappointed in the less-than-inspired names, especially since the novels are focused around a kick ass lady with no time (or money) for frivolities such as painted nails. However, we were surprised when The Hollywood Reporter announced that Lionsgate was getting smacked with a $10 million lawsuit from the beauty company behind the nail polish, American International Industries. The company claims that they had already inked a deal with Lionsgate for the nail line but (we assume) after the rest of the world started labeling the polish as Katniss Cringe-worthy, Lionsgate back-peddled right out of that merchandising disaster.

Here's the thing, there was actually a really fun way to spin this whole mess. If you're read the books then you're familiar with the whole "Merry Old Land Of Oz" Capitol scene where Katniss is waxed, preened and pruned into a beautiful and very un-Katniss like creature. The nail polish could have easily been a whole part of that Capitol makeover session. It could have been sold as a Capitol Beauty day and contained wild theatrical colors.

In any case, this whole $10 million disaster has us slightly concerned for what merchandising horrors await us in the Hunger Games future. Is there a Katniss womb around the corner?

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