Lions purportedly running around train tracks in northern England

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Ah, autumn in England — a time when the mercury drops and the reports of carnivorous cats trolling around regional rail rise meteorically. Oh wait, that's not right at all.


Rail service in West Yorkshire County was briefly disrupted when police received reports of a lion and a cub lurking around train tracks yesterday afternoon. Police helicopters could not find evidence of the prowling cats, but rail officials interrupted train service just in case. Reports the BBC:

Train operator Northern Rail said passengers were allowed on to the train when it called at Shepley at 16:52 GMT, but those on the train were not allowed off [...] A spokesman for the Association of Train Operating Companies said: "Someone called West Yorkshire Police to say there is a lion that's just jumped on to the train tracks."


Police are now treating these reports as a hoax, which is pure malarkey. Clearly the Tsavo Man-Eaters are back from the grave and are using train tracks worldwide as a conduit for their spectral hunt. Hat tip to Zan for your commuter cat news of the day.

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