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With criticism about the show's final season, and their admission that it won't answer all lingering questions, starting to be heard, Lost's executive producers have discovered the true purpose of Twitter: Vague rebuttals. And fan contests.


Ever since it appeared, Lost fansites have been puzzling over Damon Lindelof's Thursday tweet:

This is me blithely informing y'all that we have no intention of tossing any turnips. Don't believe everything you read.


We think it's a reference to Lindelof's comment that writing the final season was like being a contestant in Top Chef, and having to make quick calls as to what ingredients are necessary to make the best dish, but we're willing to admit that we may be wrong; it's possible that Lindelof just really likes turnips. Much less oblique was this tweet:

It's not about whether or not we have the time. It's about whether or not it matters.

Cue roughly a million* fans getting very upset at the thought of being told that their particular Lost question doesn't matter. Luckily, fellow executive producer and showrunner Carlton Cuse is already making moves to calm ruffled fan nerves by pointing to this contest, which allows those disgruntled by ABC's promos for the shows to put their money where their mouth is:

Be part of LOST history by creating a 35-second LOST finale promo for the series to get a shot at having your work shown on TV! You could win a trip to a LOST party and have your finale promo shown on air during LOST: THE FINAL SEASON. You don't have to be a video pro to enter — you can use our mash-up tools or you can use your own personal editing software.


Note to those entering: Just make sure you have someone with a deep voice saying "This is the moment you've all been waiting for" at some point, and I'm sure ABC will be very happy.

(* - Okay, closer to 37,000, which is roughly how many people are following Lindelof's Twitter. I was rounding up.)


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