This week, Brian convinces Naz to open the “Brian Finch and Rebecca Harris Amazing Major Crime Squad,” aka “the Bruntouchables,” as they comb through cults in the Midwest and space elevator crackpots to track down America’s most dangerous criminals ... in two weeks.

It all starts when Brian wants his own office, or what he calls his own Headquarters!—an exclamation point was part of the deal—and nags Naz for nearly a month. (There was a “Naz saying no repeatedly” montage that reminded me of Dr. Evil’s “Zip it” routine from Austin Powers.) He’s allowed a bit of test run: At first, the rest of the bureau is tentative, especially since Brian’s new headquarters seem disorganized (even the seating situation was “in flux”) but soon enough, the gang starts making headway down the list.


They ship agents to locales across the world looking for the criminals’ whereabouts, from Ohio to Costa Rica to the Arctic Circle. One of the best moments was Mike and Ike’s fist bump, after Mike learns he’s being stationed in paradise. (Flashes of Psych’s Shawn and Gus, anyone?! I can only hope it was a nod to Limitless’ spiritual sibling.)

And when James gets shipped to the heartland to investigate a clan of zealots one suspect has been connected with, Brian’s best advice to the agent is “ask to see their leader, and send me an address.” Brilliant assignment from a newly minted head of HQ!

Other favorite moments: The entire synesthesia subplot. How do you know about synesthesia, Brian? Don’t ask, he says, as we see a hookup flashback that made the entire episode: “I’m a synesthete,” the loony vixen says as she jumps him in bed. “I want you to acknowledge that you smell like ice blue!” “I smell like ice blue...” he begins to chant. Later, Brian eventually Toucan Sams his way to another suspect’s apartment by following the sights and sounds and colors with his nose, but not before being shocked at the fact that Rebecca’s aura is apparently magenta. “I’m not pink, am I?!”

Also, Brian’s seemingly never-ending arsenal of clay effigies/action figures, and when he stuck one head-first, Fargo-style, into Naz’s paper shredder. And also, when Brian’s sister shows up to get stoned at his apartment, he slips into the same room that he stashed the framed fugitive in, just to grab his bong so he and the sis can get high real quick in the kitchen.


Brian eventually earns the HQ! proper, complete with an official office and team T-shirts. The whole time though, I’m thinking about how awful the imminent reveal will be, when the gang finds out how exactly Brian can take NZT free of side effects. His dad’s already sending weird vibes—and then Brian starts to tell him the truth! What happens when the FBI finds out Brian’s been hiding a whole buncha secrets? And just as the entire office is increasingly on his side: Even the stodgy Boyle comes around and slaps a Post-It exclamation point on the HQ! door.

Let’s not forget the entire “Bruntouchables” montage at the end, which culminated in Mike wearing drag as an undercover hooker and then changing the name to “the Muntouchables.”

Until next week, friends.

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