Limitless The TV Show Is Basically Limitless The Movie, But With Cops

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Okay, so we knew from the start that the CBS spinoff of Neil Burger’s Limitless would be a police procedural, but the first look trailer shown at CBS’s Upfronts presentation doubly confirmed it: This is Limitless, right down to the presence of Bradley Cooper, complete with added procedural fun times.


The series, which follows new character Brian Finch (played by Jake McDorman) as he discovers the mind-enhancing drug NZT-48 and teams up with the FBI to solve the murders of former NZT users, will air in autumn, and judging by the trailer, Eddie, Bradley Cooper’s character from the 2011 film, will play a role in the pilot — and as a guest character when Cooper’s schedule allows — acting as a mentor to Brian.


We liked Limitless when it released for what it was, but the idea of another “super smart person fights crime” drama is a little tiring at this point. Maybe some NZT-fuelled shenanigans will unlock some unseen potential in the crowded procedural space.

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With cops you say? Now I have to see it. It’s really hard to find a TV show about cops these days...