Lily Cole Talks The Bi-Curious Adventures of A Teen Vamp

The adaptation of Rachel Klein's The Moth Diaries should begin filming this year, and we got an update from the movies head vampire actress, Lily Cole, on her role and the mystery that surrounds this new character.

The book is told through the diary of a young teen girl in a private school who is obsessed with her classmate Lucy, and Lucy's possible vampire roommate Ernessa. It's left ambiguous: The reader never really knows if the school is housing a real-life porcelain-skinned vampire girl, or if the narrator is just obsessed with Ernessa's roommate. We got a chance to catch up on this project with the actress from Dr. Parnassus, Lily Cole, cheering her on for making a female-centric vampire film, in the wake of shirtless, sparkly, six-packed male vamps and wolves.


When do you start filming for The Moth Diaries?

As far as I'm aware it's in the beginning of next year. And as far as I know, they were talking about Montreal. But nothing has been set in stone, this industry is always clouds.

Which character are you playing from the novel there's the narrator or the author of the novel, her obsession Lucy or the possible vampire girl Ernessa?

I'm supposed to play Ernessa, the girl who is accused of being a vampire. The aspect I like about the book is you don't know for sure. I like the ambiguity in the book. Although it points quite lightly [to the idea] that she is a vampire, there's always the slight possibility that she's not. And the girl who is telling the story has psychological issues and is projecting these ideas on to this other character. I like that a lot.


I'm really excited that you are working on a woman-centric vampire film, it seems like the right direction to take the vampire craze. How do you think that this will be different from the other vampire films coming out right now?

I think that the ambiguity aspect is interesting. In that it might not be a vampire movie, it could be an psycho-analytical movie about crazed obsessions of 16-year-old girls. You know not always in reality, but of jealousy and love. Whether the love is lesbian or not, it gets in the ambiguous territory of love. And girls finding themselves and all the obsessions that come up in that environment. I think the possibility that Ernessa isn't a vampire is kind of, to me, what makes it interesting.


Are you excited to maybe bring back the female vampire movies like The Hunger? And are you ready to be the mysterious object of desire that the book circles around?

I find the character so interesting, because she's the most weird and unusual character. That delicate balance of making her real and making her really strange is quite an interesting kind of dialogue to set up.


I think it's great, we've been swamped with the male shirtless vampires it's time for the women to get back into the vampire spotlight. I hope it brings back the strong female vampire figures.

To be honest I haven't seen any of the vampire movies that are out right now, obviously I know of them and I know that there are male characters in them, but I'd never had that perspective on it.


I'm curious how the script handles the delicate moment that is the narrator walking in on the two girls in bed together? Is that still in the script or is it toned down. It could really go in any direction.

That scene... I'm trying to remember there is a scene like that for sure. I'm not sure how it's going to transpire, I know it's very suggestive, but not like pornographic.


Last time I check it was just you and Scott Speedman on the cast. Do you have any idea who's going to be cast as Lucy or the narrator?

I do think they have several more girls but I don't know if I'm at liberty to say. The script is mostly 18 and 16-year-old girls. So it's mostly new faces... but I don't know if I can say names, because I don't know if their deals are signed or what the situation is.


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