Lilo & Stitch Is Disney's Latest Live-Action Remake

The 2002 film Lilo & Stitch is getting Disney’s live-action treatment.
The 2002 film Lilo & Stitch is getting Disney’s live-action treatment.
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Another day, another Disney animated film gets the live-action treatment. This time, it’s Lilo & Stitch that’ll make the jump. Nobody gets left behind...or forgotten!

It’s a logical choice since the 2002 film about a little girl and her alien best friend has only grown in popularity since its initial release. According to the Hollywood Reporter, producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich have hired writer Mike Van Waes to write the script for the film. However, it’s not clear if it’s being eyed for theaters or the upcoming Disney streaming service. Either way, the film will likely tell a story close to that of the original film and be a mix of live-action and computer generated characters.

In the film, a young Hawaiian girl meets a destructive alien and the two form a strong friendship. Initially, it only grossed $275 million worldwide but remains an incredibly popular property thanks to subsequent direct-to-DVD sequels and television shows.


Lin and Eirich are currently producing the live-action Aladdin remake, which opens in May, and that’s just one of several titles that are in various stages of development. Next year will also see live-action takes on Dumbo and The Lion King coming to theaters, followed in 2020 by Mulan. Then, on the streaming service, there’s a live-action Sword and the Stone remake in the works.

While it’s easy to shake your head at Disney developing yet another one of these live-action remakes, it’s not difficult to understand why. The company already owns the intellectual properties, which are already beloved by fans—and they all make a ton of money. Until Disney takes a bath with two or three of these, you have to imagine they’ll just keep coming. And Lilo & Stitch, with its vast popularity, is a very understandable addition.

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Angrier Geek

I’m oddly okay with this because I love Lilo & Stitch so much I’d love for a new generation to discover it. They’ll see them in the live action version and hopefully then watch the animated version which is much smarter and funnier than it had any right to be. I almost kinda love that it’s not higher in the Disney pantheon because that means it’s not exploited on a daily basis. And it’ll be a Disney film almost entirely of people of color.

Also, I love that Stitch was a complete and utter asshole who actually grows into something better. They didn’t half ass it by making him always kinda nice (I’m looking at you, Solo: A Star Wars Story). He was a dick who changes to become the idea tha Lilo loves.

Fuck. Why is it so dusty in here all of a sudden!?!