Everyone, this is Lilli. Lilli has six — count them — six legs. You can actually see her two little extra limbs dangling just so from her left side. She wears them well, don't you think?

Lilli's condition is called polymelia, "poly" and "melia" being Greek for "many" and "limb," respectively. Polymelia occurs when one member in a set of conjoined twins degenerates in the mother's uterus almost entirely, leaving just an extra limb (or, in the case of Lilli, two limbs) attached to its fully-formed sibling.


The vet that delivered Lilli said she wouldn't survive birth. But I want you to take a good look at Lilli. Does she look like she cares about the opinions of veterinarians? Of course she doesn't. Because she's an adorable baby cow and all she wants to do is frolic and shoot off sassy, sidelong glances like this one.

You'd probably feel the same way if you got to grow up in the scenic mountains of Switzerland, and were looked after by a farmer who just couldn't bring himself to euthanize you because you were "so full of life."

Today, seven weeks after the vet said Lilly wouldn't make it past birth, she's looking happy and healthy. Come summer, says her owner, she'll be able to join the other cows when they head out to graze in the Alpine pastures. (And no, that's not a euphemism for the slaughterhouse... Lilli actually lives in the vicinity of picturesque Alpine pastures.) [The Telegraph]


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