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Lil' Hadfield should win all the costume contests

Illustration for article titled Lil Hadfield should win all the costume contests

Former ISS Commander and perennial blower-of-minds Chris Hadfield announced last week that he'd be conducting a Halloween contest for best astronaut costume. I THINK WE HAVE OUR WINNER, PEOPLE.


Nowhere does Hadfield state that the astronaut costume must be of him, though his iconic mustache has, understandably, made him an attractive option:

One costumer even did herself up as Hadfield as David Bowie, in reference to the former commander's recent appearance on the cover of Maclean's:


But this one's definitely our favorite:


Somebody get that girl a washcloth, stat.


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Annalee Newitz

I think one of the unexpected outcomes of all this will be the return of Groucho Marx mustaches.