Like The Look Of Caprica? You Could Live There Someday

Did you love the CG cityscapes in the first two episodes of Caprica as much as we did? It turns out Caprica's CG supervisor, Doug Drexler, also did "future city" CG renders for a utopian think tank, the Venus Project.

We gawked at Drexler's CG renders of Caprica's future cityscape, and he's got an amazing post over at his blog the Drex Files showcasing some of the images of the city, and explaining how he and Dave Morton created the retro-futurist city of Caprica, with its odd blend of Vancouver, Seattle, New York and various science-fiction inspirations. Did you know there was a VTOL landing pad behind Daniel Graystone's estate?


Also, it turns out that the same great architect, Calatrava, influenced the design of the Atlas Stadium and the Cylon resurrection ship on Battlestar Galactica. Who knew the Cylons were such fans of Valencian architecture and sculpture?

Architecture blog Arkinet did a great post comparing screencaps of Caprica's CG skyline with the real Vancouver, where Caprica is filmed, and then a second post pointing out the connections between Drexler and the Venus Project. We already admired the bold urban designs from the Venus Project, which proposes building a "research city" with parks and gardens integrated with urban structures, including research facilities.


Here are some more of Drexler's CG renders for the Venus Project — he also worked on BSG and various Star Trek series.


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