Ever been a guest at a wedding and thought, "Oh, I wish this would last forever!" No? This episode will make you think that. The wedding is wonderful. The rest is very bad indeed.

We'll talk about the wedding at the end, because I want to finish this on a high note. "Suicidal Tendencies," with Dig and Lyla teaming up with Deadshot and Cupid had a great premise, but missed every beat.


Let's start with the flashbacks, which are all about Deadshot, I guess. I say "I guess" because the character is completely different in each flashback scene and the scenes bear no emotional relationship to each other. The first scene is Floyd Lawton, middle-class soldier-dad, coming home to his wife and daughter in a scene sappy and soft-edged enough to be the final moment in a Hallmark movie. The second scene is Floyd Lawton, tormented drunk, threatening his wife with a gun because his daughter didn't like a sandwich he had made for her. Okay, not really. It was actually because Floyd was so, so tormented by the people he had killed whenever he pulled a trigger, but that makes no sense because the third scene is Floyd Lawton, jailbird, who learns his wife has filed a restraining order and immediately signs up to be an assassin for HIVE. No more alcohol dependency, no effort to get back with his beloved wife, no torment over taking lives with a gun.

I don't even know what to do with that.

In the present, Dig and Lyla learn that they can't risk their lives if they want to raise their daughter. We know this because they say it, and Floyd says it, and the storyline says it. The team is trying to rescue a kidnapped senator and some hostages in Kaznia.

The senator turns out to have orchestrated the whole kidnapping to make himself look like a hero, and tries to murder everyone when he gets found out. Deadshot sacrifices himself so Dig and Lyla can get back to their daughter. Amanda Waller frames the deceased Deadshot for the kidnapping and covers up Cray's terrorism, returning him to power, because if it's not stupid and immoral, it's not Amanda Waller. Lyla quits the danger business. Dig, I think, does not. How uninteresting is this storyline? Even the characters in the storyline would rather talk about the wedding. Cupid asks Lyla, "Did you hire a florist? Didn't that cost a fortune?"


The Starling storyline, in which Ra's is framing Ollie for murder, and Ray and Ollie find out about each other's involvement with both vigilante justice and Felicity, goes a bit better. There's absolutely no tension when it comes to the question of Ray and Ollie killing, hurting, or exposing each other. However, it's clear that their rancor is really about their insecurity at knowing Felicity could choose either of them. And, even given the constraints of the show, she can. For now, she chooses Ray.


Now let's get to the good stuff. Gawd, the wedding! Personally, I think the florist Lyla hired didn't put a lot of work in. The flowers felt a little dull, but it's clear they were going for something classic. Lyla's wedding dress showed that. Her wedding dress was pretty, and I loved the heavy material, but oh my god, the honeymoon dress she was wearing! Did anyone see that? That was a knock-out. And that woman could wear it. Now that she's not an ARGUS agent anymore, she could just take corporate sponsorships to model their formal wear at embassy parties and things. The woman looks great in formal wear.


Now, Laurel's dress was something else. Again, it was a gorgeous dress and Katie Cassidy wore it well, but that dress is a classed-up version of what a co-ed would wear to get hosed down on stage during spring break at Miami Beach. You don't wear that to a place where a string quartet plays Vivaldi.

But Thea! I thought she was past her brat phase and her psychotic phase but she proved me wrong. You do not wear a white dress to a wedding unless you are the bride! You just don't! Everyone knows that! Was your mother too busy planning a mass murder via earthquake machine to teach you that? If so, that's the one thing I can never forgive her for!


I also enjoyed the antics at the wedding. I loved Dig pulling Ray into a close hug and whispering, "If you hurt her they will never find your body." You don't think about it much, because Dig is a pretty genial character, but David Ramsey is a huge guy and can be really intimidating. The ceremony was also enlivened by Ollie giving Ray hate eyes the entire time. And just to top it all off, the game of eyeball tag that the entire Arrow team played when the news that a fake Arrow was killing people came in? Divine.

If only we could have stayed at the wedding forever.


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