Lightsabers Banned By UK Supermarket

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They may not have barrels, or triggers, or look in any way similar, but that's not stopped a British supermarket from restricting the sale of lightsaber toys because of their alleged similarity to guns.


A branch of bankrupt British supermarket chain Woolworths has restricted the sale of toy lightsabers to people over the age of 18, concerned that the toys could be mistaken for real weapons. While such concern is, in some way, admirable, even governmental watchdog the Trading Standards Institute thinks it may be going a little bit too far:

Some companies are going the whole hog and are banning the sale of any weapon-style products to anyone under the age of 18, even if they are clearly toys like these. I think it’s a bit over the top in this instance, but it really is up to the individual companies and stores to set their own rules, they can sell what they want to who they want.

Next up, Woolworths bans LEGO, claiming that you could build anything out of it, including a bomb. If you really, really wanted to.

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Yet, sales of "Little One eyed Johnny Lawn Darts set" continue unabated.

I know my dad would have banned LEGO for all the damage those bits caused to my dad's foot much like the remains of a kiddie cluster bomb. Apparently they do really hurt (or so he yelled at me.)