Why would anybody want a regular lamp or other light source, when you can have these incredible neon sculptures instead? They're constantly in motion, and they use lights and patterns to transfix the eye. Here are the greatest kinetic sculptures made of dancing lights.


Shylight, designed by Studio DRIFT, which opens during a 30 ft (9 meter) fall and mimics a blooming flower


Triangle rod light fixtures by Kinetic Lights, used for a GRID performance by Christopher Bauder (WHITEvoid) and Robert Henke (Monolake), at Fête des Lumières Light Art Festival 2013 in Lyon, France

Living Sculpture, by WHITEvoid for the Philips stand at the Light + Building Trade Fair 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany

ORBIS-FLY, by the Riga, Latvia-based Atlantic Star

Crystal Chandelier, an installation for the Tsvetnoy Central Market, Moscow, Russia, designed by WHITEvoid

Handheld light sources by Paul Friedlander

Manta Rhei, by Selux and ART+COM


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