You'll never ride a lightcycle, or compete on the Game Grid. But the most dazzling "light paintings" use slow shutter speeds and other tricks to create light trails, giving the illusion that the real world has become a luminous virtual space. Here are the greatest light paintings of the past and present.

The amusement park on Coney Island, by Andreas Feininger, 1949

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A grounding Sikorsky Helicopter, photos by Andreas Feininger, 1949

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Light paintings of Pablo Picasso, 1949, photos by Gjon Mili

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Works of Eric Staller, between 1976 and 1980

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Light Water, 2009

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Angel, 2009

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A light portrait, 2010

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Light Men Fighting, 2010

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Guards of Time in Festival of Lights, Berlin, 2011

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LED Light Wheels, 2011

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An orb and domes on the bank of the Swan River, Perth, Western Australia, 2012

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Tunnel, 2013

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Galactic Visitor, 2013

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Spheres by Heinz-Jörg Wurzbacher, 2013

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Wormhole, 2013

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SOOC Lightpainting by Ian Hobson, 2013

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Red Scanner, 2014

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