Lifetime's Clan of the Cave Bear Has Its Star

Illustration for article titled Lifetimes iClan of the Cave Bear /iHas Its Star

Millie Brady, model and actress soon to be seen in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as Mary, will play the lead in Lifetime's adaptation of Jean M. Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear.


The TV show, written by Linda Woolverton (Maleficent), is based on only the first book in the series. Brady will play Ayla, the "Other" amongst the Clan. No word on who will play Broud, the antagonist and future clan leader. Also no word on whether Brady will go full Daryl Hannah in the part. [Deadline]

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The series truly did degenerate into a repetitive, droning, mills-and-boon-with-cavemen bodice ripper didn't it?..? There are great chunks of the last two books which I've got marked with post-it notes to just bleep right over. They add nothing to the story and are just rubbish writing anyway. Saves time in reading the books at least.

Let's just hope it's better than the movie, which was also pretty crap overall.