Lifetime's Beautifully Bonkers Witches of East End Has Been Cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of Witches of East End, a show too lacking in plot but too heavily in weird for this world. Oh, Witches of East End, what we will do without you to warm our cold Sunday nights?

It's not that much of a surprise, the show had significantly lower ratings in its second season than in its first. On a story-telling level, most of season two was a disappointing mess. There were a bunch of new characters introduced and given no time to develop. The show also had a tendency to think that Freya and Killian were a way more interesting love story than they actually were. Finally, the penultimate week was just a complete waste of time.

And yet, the show had so much potential to be one of those stupidly fun things that isn't, strictly speaking, good. When the show was firing on all cylinders, it was a glorious melange of ridiculous. Often, it was when it mixed magic with drugs. The moment the show took flight for me was when magic brownies caused a trip to the naked, culty past. And a high point of season 2 was the crazy, magic cocaine and disco-filled flashback.


Or, how about when we discovered that witches were really from Asgard? That was a revelation so bananas that I forgave a pretty weak, but really gruesome, season 1 finale in just on the promise of exploring Asgard this season.

So, goodbye, Witches of East End. I'll miss Madchen Amick as Wendy most of all. To say goodbye, here's a gif of the show which shows the hole cut in the door to make the "magically animated coat arms" effect.


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Sad news indeed. This show was pretty much the textbook example of a guilty pleasure. Granted, I watched for Wendy and Ingrid, not Joanna or Freya, but at least half of the witches were a whole lot of fun . . ..