Lifelike Naga doll looks ready to carry Korra to Republic City

Korra's trusty polar bear dog looks ready to bound across the tundra or through the streets of one of The Legend of Korra's industrial cities thanks to this posable furry sculpture by Worms and Bones.

The monster doll makers sculpted this as a one-of-kind item, which they are currently offering though silent auction, with 25% of the proceeds going to Polar Bears International. (There are instructions on how to bid on their Tumblr.) This Naga is 22" long from nose to tail and 9.5" tall at the shoulder blades. But what's even more impressive than her size is that she's full articulated with plastic joints, making her quite physically expressive. And she looks cuddly, to boot.


[Homemade Horrors via The Mary Sue]

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