LIFE unveils unpublished photos of pioneering astronaut Scott Carpenter

Illustration for article titled LIFE unveils unpublished photos of pioneering astronaut Scott Carpenter

NASA legend Scott Carpenter – a member of America's original Mercury Seven – died yesterday at the age of 88, after suffering a recent stroke. Today, LIFE Magazine marked his passing by unveiling a trove of rare photographs showcasing Carpenter's public and private life.


Above: Astronaut Scott Carpenter and kids, 1962 // Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

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Kirth Gersen

People I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the wonderful movie "The Right Stuff" adapted from the book with the same name by Tom Wolfe and winner of 4 Oscar's including one for the wonderful Soundtrack by Bill Conti.

There are many discrepancies between the two mediums but you can enjoy both for what they are and have a bigger "picture" of what was it like for them back then.

The astronauts and pilots of the Mercury 7 program were real superheroes and enduring a super rigorous program they achieved greatness and tried to live and exemplary life because the eyes of the America and World were following their every step.

By the way Chuck Yeager it's still around, just broke the sound barrier... again last year at his 89 years... talk about Captain America and Man of Steel.!