Life Post-Apocalypse Starts With Day One

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Heroes writer/producer Jesse Alexander has gone bleaker with his new pilot, Day One which was just greenlit by NBC — giving network audiences the chance to see what happens after the end of the world.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alexander's pilot will focus on what happens after a "global event hat devastates the world's infrastructures," as a group of survivors not only try to rebuild society but also find out what happened in the first place. While the trade paper points out similarities to next fall's ABC show Flash Forward, the description makes us think that Alexander may have been reading Brian K. Vaughan's Y The Last Man or watching old episodes of Jericho, since leaving Heroes last year.

NBC orders 'Day One' pilot [Hollywood Reporter]


There are better non-cliche ways of ending the world. Heck Baltimore is at a standstill this morning with 1/4-inch of ice.

What about a show about what happens after a pandemic of what else the flu? (The Stand)

Or after a cataclysmic interruption of the gulf stream which leads to continent-sized hurricanes of ice? (The Day After Tomorrow)

Or even what happens after a computer virus fries every hard drive flash drive and Rodeo Drive in the world?

What will we do without pr0n?