Life On Mars Travels In Time And Continues For Four More Episodes

Somewhat lost in the midst of the bad Pushing Daisies news was the news that ABC's time-traveling 1970s lovefest Life on Mars has been confirmed to move behind Lost when the latter show returns on January 21st, and has also picked up an order for an additional four episodes. These two moves make it increasingly likely that the new series will, at least, make it to the end of its first season in one piece. [Hollywood Reporter]


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So I was listening to the new enya winter album, and the song "my, my, time flies" came on, and I swear to you, it would be absolutely perfect for one of their sweet near-the-end-of-the-episode musical montages. Even has a guitar interlude quite inconsistent with Enya tradition, has the line "one way ticket to mars," and is about the passage of time.