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Liberty and Justice for None in New The Man In The High Castle Trailer

Amazon has released a new trailer for their upcoming series The Man In The High Castle, and it shows off some chilling new footage along what we’ve already seen from its fantastic pilot. Get ready for a United States that is jointly occupied by Japan and Germany.


We’ve already gotten some new details about the series from San Diego Comic-Con, and in this trailer, we get a glimpse of what life in an occupied America looks like. Times Square is festooned with images of Hitler, there’s executions and kidnappings, and characters get a glimpse of what the alternative (our reality) might look like.


The trailer gives us a little more of the tone of what we can expect from the show when it airs: rebelling against an oppressive power, and what the costs of that rebellion will be. We see a little of the changes that the panel hinted at, and the sense of assimilation that’s taken place in the years since the end of the war.

The Man In The High Castle is set to air later this fall on Amazon Prime.

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So the US has just come off of the comquest and occupation of two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, and now a leading American company is making a series about how awful it is to be occupied. How the occupiers force their culture upon you, shoot people in the streets, and torture and execute resisters, as the US actually did.

What on earth is going on here? Is this guilt? Is it obliviousness? Is it “well, Imperial Japan was worse”? Who greenlights these things?