Liberation Is A Better Novel Than Anathem, Says Amazon

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The best science fiction novel of 2008 was Brian Francis Slattery's Liberation, according to's new top 10 list, compiled by io9 contributor Jeff VanderMeer. The story of a gang of super-criminals reuniting to save a fallen America that's reinstated human slavery beat out Neal Stephenson's Anathem (which came in at number five), Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods (number eight) and Iain M. Banks' Matter (number nine). But's customers chose Stephenie Meyers' symbiont love story The Host as the best book of the year. (Click on each book title to read our own review.) [Omnivoracious]


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I could not stand Liberation; Being the etc. which surprised me be cause I really dig complex Pynchonesque plots with references to Everything. I thought this would be like Neal Stephenson or Matt Ruff's Sewer, Gas and Electric. Instead it felt like 300pp of slam poetry. Just painful. I ate an entire box of Brillo pads afterward to expunge all memory of this dog.

On the other hand I just finished Anathem for the third time. Love it more with each reading.

Do I have a point? Not really—except that reviewers compulsively tell people what they're reading, I suggest just nod your head politely and back away. Read 5 or 6 reviews (or none) and take their combined opinion with a salt lick then read the book and make up your own mind.