Liam Cunningham Joins the Long List of Actors Predicting the Eventual End of Superhero Movies

Image: HBO

The sun rises and sets. The Earth rotates for another day, the sky is hued a brilliant blue. And lo, another actor predicts Hollywood’s fascination with superhero movies will soon come to an end. This time, it’s Game of Thrones’ Onion Knight himself, Liam Cunningham.

Speaking to GQ about his role in the upcoming Electric Dreams anthology series—in which he plays General Olin in the show’s adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story “Human Is”—Cunningham took the chance to pop off a quick jab at the popular prevalence of the superhero movie:

The superheroes have taken over all the screens in the world. And good luck to them, they’re making a lot of money for a lot of people. But the studios are going to become victims of their own success. People are going to get bored with that stuff. Too much money. Too big to fail. Which means they lower the bar to get as many people in to see it. It’s not a criticism—but it’s business. It ain’t art.


He goes on to express that, thanks to the popularity of Game of Thrones, he’s free to select roles where he gets to “tell fucking interesting stories with interesting people,” but presumably that won’t include a superhero movie in the near future, judging by his critique. But either way, it’s hardly the first time someone has attempted to predict the eventual downfall of superhero movies. Hell, even we’ve done it!

Even then, it feels a little bit like throwing stones in glass houses when a star of Game of Thrones—which, over 8 seasons, has increasingly reveled in the popular fantasy tropes of giant dragons, weird magic, and ice zombies that it was originally lauded for eschewing in favor of real drama when it first launched—says it though, doesn’t it?

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