LEXX Creator Resurrects Jesus' Evil Twin Brother

Robert Sigl, co-creator of the bizarre Canadian scifi show LEXX (seen above), announced today that he's directing a new movie that will resurrect Jesus' evil twin brother in the present day. What, you didn't know that Jesus had an evil twin brother? It's probably left out of most New Testament translations.

Sigl's new film, The 13th Disciple, will follow twin archaeologists who discover that Jesus actually had an evil twin brother. We're not sure how that's portrayed... do they find a potshard that says "Jesus Brother Bad!" on it?. Apparently, Evil Bro has been resurrected in the present day. In case you were hoping for a climactic, special effects laden battle between Jesus and his evil twin, you'll be disappointed. According to today's press release for the film, Jesus won't appear as a character.

Sigl is the perfect guy to direct something this weird. His show LEXX featured a world-eating sentient ship, alien nudity, space vampires, a disembodied robot head programmed to be a love slave, and general science fiction weirdness. While it wasn't created for American audiences, the SciFi Channel bought the rights and started airing it with season two back in 2000. Which seems like a lifetime ago. We can't wait for more Sigl. [Yahoo Movies]


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