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Everyone in Metropolis knows that Lex Luther is a very wealthy man, perhaps even the very wealthiest. But just where would he stand next to the real world's richest people?


After watching Neil Degrasse Tyson illustrate the size of Bill Gates' fortune by calculating how much a second of his time was worth, some commenters pointed out that a similar calculation had once been made in a Superman comic for Lex Luthor. And, using that figure, we could estimate the size of Luthor's fortune:


He got this from a Superman comic-

Lois and Jimmy do this math about Lex Luthor!

They low-balled it- $150 per second

Chamomiles Davis

...Or about $4.73 billion annually.

So where would that sum put Lex Luthor in our economy?

Not in the world's top ten richest people, which according to Forbes cashes out at around $36 billion. Nor even in the top 100. It actually would land him at about spot #330, not a paltry placing at all, but certainly not among the world's very richest.


Of course, Luthor may also has some secret stores of wealth unaccounted for by this rough calculation. Certainly his kryptonite stash is worth something. Or perhaps the Metropolis stock market has been doing a little better than our own.

On the other hand, attempting to defeat Superman is undoubtedly an expensive hobby, even for a billionaire.

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