Lex Luthor must be out of diabolical plots, because actor Michael Rosenbaum will no longer be a part of the CW series Smallville. After seven long years of tirelessly love/hating Clark Kent, mysterious trips around the world, obsessions over the meteor shower and opulent gestures, Lex is taking a break. What new characters will step into his shiny bald shoes? Details after the jump.


Two new villains are stepping up to take the place as the antagonist in Smallville. Expect to see the DC Comics' character Doomsday (notorious for slaying Superman) along with an unknown female baddie. But this may not be the last you hear from Luthor. Although he's no longer a series regular, producers of Smallville released a statement that hinted at a few cameos later in the year saying, "He is one of the best actors on television and has never failed to bring a new layer to the character of Lex Luthor in every episode. While Michael won't be a series regular and we won't have the pleasure of working with him on a weekly basis this fall, we like to think that we haven't seen the last of Lex Luthor."

But the real question is, now that Doomsday is coming to the show are they going to try and kill Superman only to bring him back as four other versions of Superman, like in the comics? Or will young Clark Kent kick Doomsday's ass? [Hollywood Reporter]