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Let's Wildly Speculate That Cartoon Network Is Making a New Justice League Series

Illustration for article titled Lets Wildly Speculate That Cartoon Network Is Making a New iJustice League/i Series

A Reddit user took the above photo at what appears to be a Warner Bros. Animation office of some kind. As you can see, the posters include current Cartoon Network series like Teen Titans Go, but also recently announced upcoming series such as Bunnicula and Be Cool Scooby-Doo. Then there’s a few that haven’t been mentioned yet... like that JLA poster on the far right.


Obviously, one poster in a WB office does not a series make, but of all the series featured on the wall that we know of, they’re all already on or in development. It is pretty reasonable to assume that the series featured in the other posters are also in some stage of development. This doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to make to to TV, but it does mean that WB Animation feels confident enough about it to promote it on its office walls and let visitors see it’s in the works.

And rest assured, this series is new to some degree; Cartoon Network has never aired a Justice League cartoon titled JLA (or Justice League of America) before, since Bruce Timm’s series were titled Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.


Now, here’s some genuinely wild speculation: Based on what I can see of the silhouetted characters on the poster, I think they may be based on the character designs used in Young Justice and the direct-to-DVD movies that shared that universe. Given how great Young Justice was—and how they had set up a very solid replacement for Bruce Timm’s DCAU, which is no small feat—I would be ecstatic if this ended up being the case. Of course, there’s at least as much a chance that JLA is the beginning of a brand-new DC animated world, but maybe... just maybe...

But before you start leaping for joy, let me remind you that DC/WB released a direct-to-DVD movie titled JLA: Adventures in Time just last year. It was a stand-alone film that wasn’t tied to any particular continuity, which could be the basis on a new series. The timing certainly seems right. However, the “JLA” of the poster doesn’t seem at all reminiscent of Adventures in Time, and the logos are totally different, too (which is hardly definitive proof). The other issue is that AiT was a Target exclusive release, meaning its sales were limited. If DC/WB was testing the waters of a new animated universe with AiT, I am extremely confident it would have given it wide-release.

Right now, I’d say the odds of JLA being something entirely new is 65%, that the Young Justice world is returning is 25%, and that the Adventures in Time world is getting bumped up to a series at 10%. But I could be extremely biased. Please, speculate—wildly or otherwise—in the comments.

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Given CW (and WB’s) track record, the show has already been cancelled.