On tonight’s Game of Thrones, we got some emotional reunions, some surprising alliances were made, and a lot of people’s plans finally started going into motion. If you’ve seen the episode, let’s discuss it here! (And if not, why are you still reading this?)


Holy crap. If you were waiting for Sansa and Daenerys to take charge, your wait is over. Plus, the High Sparrow has finally gone too far in King’s Landing, Daario has seen Jorah’s grayscale, Tyrion makes a very risky deal, and that still barely scratches the surface! The full recap is coming tomorrow morning, but for now, let’s talk.

Rob Bricken was the Editor of io9 from 2016-18, the creator of the poorly named but fan-favorite news site Topless Robot, and now writes nerd stuff for many places, because it's all he's good at.

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