Let's Talk About Those Great Legends of Tomorrow Fight Scenes for a Second

We already think Legends of Tomorrow is the most comic book TV show we’ve ever seen. But for that assessment to hold any weight means the show really needs to have some good fight scenes. That’s non-negotiable. Luckily, last night’s episode only confirmed that LoT is going to be one beautiful slugfest, week after week.


Last night’s “Pilot: Part 2" is bookended by two action-packed clashes of good and evil. With Heat Wave and Captain Cold slinging the elements, Ray Palmer knocking out henchmen with 1mm haymakers, White Canary doling out roundhouse kicks, and Firestorm delivering his own brand of nuclear justice, these fights are crazy, chaotic, and insanely fun to watch.

This widespread chaos is in addition to LoT’s talent for staging close combat scenes (i.e. bar fights), as we saw in White Canary’s brutal throwdown from last week’s episode.

Legends of Tomorrow: Come for the fights, stay for... more fights.

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Ravenous Sophovore

Thank goodness they killed off Hawkman. Please do not bring him back, show. The acting was painful and the character was a giant, creepy douche. Kendra’s past lives apparently all had abysmal taste in men.

I thought it was funny how they hung a lampshade on the ridiculous outfits. They all screamed “Hollywood over exaggerated view of the past so you won’t be confused about what decade the setting is. Hey, look, someone rollerskating backwards! Those wacky 70s!”

I also had to roll my eyes at how they’re just straight up making up the rules for Savage’s immortality as they go. “Objects associated with that night can kill him! Wait, but you need an incantation for this one! Wait, but it only works if she wields it, because it was hers!” Where were all these rules the first time they dusted him?