In last night’s episode of The 100, we finally got to see Lexa, the fearless commander of the Grounder coalition, fight in one-on-one combat. And she kicked some serious butt. It was yet another reminder that this is one of the most feminist shows on TV right now.

Grounder technology may be primitive, but when it comes to gender roles, this violent, tribal society sometimes feels more progressive than our own. Both sexes are trained as warriors, and more often than not, it’s the women leading men into battle. Still, it’s rare for any show to pit a large man against a small woman in hand-to-hand combat. But in this world, nobody flinches when Lexa says she’ll represent herself in a fight to the death—the Heda’s authority has been challenged, and she’s about to remind everyone why she’s in charge.


Oh, and after putting Roan in his place, Lexa shows us that she’s also a politician, by sparing the messenger’s life, and turning her spear on the person who tried to start a coup in the first place. It was great.

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