Let's start blaming everything on Dungeons & Dragons again

Remember how some religious folk back in the '80s thought that the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons was satanic and destroyed kids' souls? Pat Robertson does (kind of), pointing out in this recent clip from The 700 Club that D&D has "literally destroyed people's lives."

Of course, Robertson seems to think that D&D is a videogame now, but why split vile demonic hairs? D&D has magic in it, some videogames have magic in them, magic is evil, Harry Potter is the Lord of Lies, do not approach magic in any way. And for god's sake, DO NOT play Magic: The Gathering. That's like triple-Satan, right there.

Honestly, I'm almost enamored of this clip. It's almost innocently moronic.

[Via Destructoid]

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Roswell Xavier

To be fair, Dungeons & Dragons was a horrible, horrible movie.