Let's punk the rapture

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A lot of people think the Rapture is coming May 21. It's not. But assuming your pets are okay, here's a prank we'd like you to pull. We call it Rapture Bombing.


On May 21, get a bunch of your old clothes in full sets of pants, shirts, and shoes. Bonus points if you leave accessories like an old watch or sunglasses to go with them. Lay them out as if people have suddenly disappeared, leaving only the clothes behind. Be creative. Take pictures. Post them on our Facebook page, or tweet them with the hashtag #rapturebomb.

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So... what's the difference between "punking the rapture", and playing witty pranks on other religious groups? How about next week we go leave pork wrappers all over the kitchens of some Jewish restaurants, so the customers think they've been eating pig? Heeeeeee-larious! I bet they'd totally freak out.