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Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment, the game of eternal torment

Illustration for article titled emLets Play Ancient Greek Punishment/em, the game of eternal torment

Video games can sometimes feel like a Sisyphean task. How many times can you play Super Meat Boy before you feel like impaling your controller on some metal spikes? But Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment takes frustration to a whole new level, playing out the divine torment of Greek mythological figures.


Pippin Barr, a lecturer and researcher at Center for Computer Game Research at IT University of Copenhagen in Denmark studying "video game values," created this devious little game. Players take on the role of different characters from Greek myths (and, oddly, the non-mythological philosopher Zeno) and act out their punishments: Prometheus shakes off the vulture that tries to eat his liver; Tantalus reaches for fruit and water pulled just out of his reach; Sisyphus rolls a rock up a hill. It seems winning is dependent on your masochism — or your ability to write an auto-playing script.

Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment [pippinbarr via Nerdcore]

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