This is it. This is every now-ubiquitous sci-fi thriller trope, presented to us in the form of Eastern Kentucky's football team intro video. It's less than a minute and a half long, but it's a great way to get drunk quickly.

We've reached a point where all of these things are instantly recognizable, clearly pretty cheap to produce, and a not-that-far-fetched theme for a sports team. Let's run down the tropes:

  • The Inception-style BWOOONG noise (Dear Hans Zimmer, You're great. But I blame you for every single trailer using this sound now.)
  • Jittery, glitchy cuts
  • And the staticy tech sound that accompanies the camera glitch
  • Glowing cybernetic parts
  • Unplugging from the base of the neck
  • The full body scan displayed on tablet/hologram
  • Using the scan to make changes to a look/activate androids
  • The armor appearing by tapping the ear (most recently seen on Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, although this has a definite Iron-Man look to it, too.)


If you just drank on the glitchy cuts alone, you'd be blitzed at the end of that. And I might have missed some. Let me know in the comments if I did.

[Football Scoop]