Let's Pay a Visit to the Zerg Homeworld

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Sun Tzu said, "Know your enemy," and it's as true in the 25th century as it ever was. That's a good reason to learn all you can about the planet Char, the new homeworld of the creepy alien Zerg in Starcraft II. You certainly wouldn't want to vacation there, what with the lava oceans and the 10 billion or so Zerg currently in residence. We've got more data on Char and this highly anticipated sequel to the classic realtime strategy game, plus some hot Terran-on-Zerg action.

The Zerg have apparently abandoned their original homeworld of Zerus in favor of Char, a distinctly inhospitable planet formerly mined for heavy metals by the Terran Confederacy. It swings around a pair of binary stars in a highly elliptical orbit that melts a good portion of the crust for a few months out of every year. Other than a thousand or so Zerg hive clusters, the place is utterly barren.

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So why are the Zerg there, and why are they fighting to stay there? Just in case their blend of Predator/Aliens/Starship Troopers bugs/Borg attributes wasn't horrifying enough, they might be basking in Char's harsh radiation to accelerate beneficial mutations (they're all about manipulating their own genes, those Zerg). Or they might be denying the Confederation access to resources, or using Char as a staging area for incursions into the core worlds. None of those sound like good news. Blizzard has set no release date for Starcraft II, so I probably shouldn't hold my breath waiting for World of Starcraft. Images by Blizzard and Starcraftwire.net.

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Chris Braak

@beelzebuddha: If they did it up right, so that you had dozens and dozens of different kinds of character classes, where each variation was functionally different from the others...

I mean, if they combined the vast world of WoW with the functionality of something like City of Heroes, I would be so on top of that.