Let's Hope Get Smart Sequel Doesn't Get Too Dumb

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Despite her ongoing reinvention as a serious actress (see this week's Entertainment Weekly with the weird cover) Anne Hathaway is dying to do another Get Smart movie. Since the first one did respectably ($129 million domestically, $223 million worldwide) she may get her chance. Unfortunately, her idea for what would happen in a sequel is a little ooky. Maybe it's because of that whole serious-actress cred she's clutching for with her new Jonathan Demme movie, but Hathaway wants to see her cool sexy spy character Agent 99 have a bit of a breakdown:

I'd like her to get into unexpected trouble. I'd love to see 99 lose control. I'd love to see something happen to 99 where her heart gets broken, and you see her have a complete emotional collapse. That could be really funny.


Strangely enough, I don't really associate "Anne Hathaway," "complete emotional collapse" and "funny." Of course, any Smart sequel would have to show us Agents 86 and 99 dating, but I would still hope they'd keep a bit of her superior, polished agent who's done it all vibe. After all, Max Smart's not going to stop being a bumbling doofus, and he needs someone to bounce that lost-puppy vibe off of. I'm not sure it would be much fun to watch if they're both losers.

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Ed Grabianowski

If by "complete emotional collapse," she means, "gradually remove my clothing while dancing to Def Leppard songs," then yes, I think this movie will be awesome.