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Let's Hear It for Fish Biscuits!

Illustration for article titled Lets Hear It for Fish Biscuits!

Remember when he-man hillbilly Sawyer figures out the levers and knobs in his cage and is rewarded with a fish-shaped biscuit and a cascade of people chow? "Only took the bears two hours." Definitely one of my favorite moments from Lost season 3. Last year, an enterprising fan came up with a recipe and pattern for making citrus-flavored fish biscuits, cookies that were the hit of a Lost season 3 marathon party I recently attended.


(The photo is from a practice batch. Later efforts were perfect.) We've got two weeks to go until season 4. Time to bake up some fish biscuits and plan your party while I work on best of/worst of Lost lists for next week, and then get ready to review the new season's episodes! Tell us what your favorite/least favorite moments from Lost are.

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Annalee Newitz

@IconoclasticFlow: I liked X-Men better when it was Batman.