Looking for a bit more variety in your female armor designs? One artist has created a web toy that offers prompts for drawing lady knights and shares some of his own designs.

As an exercise in drawing female warriors with a variety of body shapes and armor designs, artist Sean Ng (who goes by dogbomber on Tumblr) created a "Let's Draw Lady Knights!" randomizer. Head over to his blog, take a screenshot of the randomizer, and it gives you a design prompt, such as:



Ng also shared some of his results from the various prompts. Below is Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine:


Bow, Petite, Honest, Spanish, Boar:

And Mace, Bulky, Mischievous, Russian, Big Cat:


Head over to Ng's Tumblr to see more of his lady knight designs and to play with the randomizer—see if it inspires a few lady (or non-lady) knight illustrations of your own.

[via Indistinguishable From Magic]