We've all seen Voldemort duke it out with Dumbledore and Saruman slapping Gandalf silly, but there are plenty more brawling mages deserving of our scrutiny. Here are some magic beat-em-ups, rated purely by the whims of yours truly.

Big Trouble In Little China: Egg Shen Versus Lo Pan
Grade: A+
This battle from 1986 is hands-down the most realistic wizarding clip ever filmed. How do I know? Egg Shen is groaning like crazy. Magic is heavy, like furniture.


The head bad girl was the Spellbinder Ashka, who yelled the show's name a lot and is the subject of what I suspect is the internet's strangest spank reel<\/a>.<\/p>

Sorcerer <\/em><\/a>.<\/p>

about Merlin holding that football team<\/a> hostage in medieval times."<\/p>

Anyway, I always wanted to see them get so miniscule they're fighting as molecules. Like a duel between two angry Riboflavins or something.<\/p>


The Keep <\/em><\/a>because A.) it was super high-concept; and B.) it was edited so poorly it didn't make a damn lick of sense. Here's the ending to the movie. It's so foggy I'm not spoiling anything, trust me.<\/p>

The Manitou<\/em> <\/a>before, but what you really need to know is that a possessed naturist destroys an evil Indian shaman (who was born out of said woman's neck tumor) with a laser blast. In space. With Tony Curtis.<\/p>