If this quick synopsis for the CG animated series Tunnel Riders doesn't sell you on the potential of this shows excellence, nothing will:

"When Weston shipwrecks his sailboat on the mysterious island of Binari, a group of misfit motorcycle riding cyborg animals known as the Tunnel Riders take him in." Watch the first trailer for the must be championed super scifi series Tunnel Riders right now.


Things that are awesome in this trailer: First, the main character can control his bike with his thoughts thanks to the computer chip implanted into his brain. Second, the woodchuck creature can control robot spiders which he keeps inside his chest cavity. Oh right, and third, there's a freaking talking cyborg lion who fights on a motorcycle. The creators, whose studios are in NYC, call Tunnel Riders The Last Airbender meets X-Men. But we think it's more of a crazy/awesome mix of Lost and We3. Here's the official synopsis:

Weston Maddox, a regular 12-year-old kid, has worked hard to hold onto the appearance of having a normal life even though he has a strange metal medical implant in his head. But appearances are shattered when his father pulls him from school, friends, and the home he loved to move the family to Boston where Weston is teased in school for his brain hardware. Just when he thinks things couldn't get any worse, his traveling mother goes AWOL. When Weston receives a cryptic message about her whereabouts, he abandons his new home and sets sail to find his Mom.

Weston shipwrecks his sailboat on the mysterious island of Binari, where a group of misfit motorcycle-riding cyborg animals known as the Tunnel Riders take him into their underground society. Intrigued by his strange head implant, they quickly learn that the boy is more than meets the eye. Granted by the island with unimaginable powers and heightened abilities as a motorbike warrior, Weston must search for his mother while becoming the unwitting key to defeating the evil Ambassador and restoring peace to an Island divided by war for centuries.


Now let's get this show on television already! For more information check out Higgledy Animation Studios website.

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