Let's Get Lucas His Own Forever Spinoff

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Yeah, yeah, there's an old acquaintance of Henry's whose death needs solving. But this week was the week Lucas stepped up, completely fucked up, and then broke a bunch of laws to redeem himself. I want to watch his show.

At some point, Forever is either to run out of ways to make the cases Henry and Jo work personal to him. Or we can have a endless stream of cases involving descendants of people Henry knew. That could work too.

This week involves the death of an old woman heiress that Henry and Abigail met when she was younger. We get flashbacks to Abigail bluffing their way into a party hosted by the eventual mystery of the week. She convinced Henry to marry Abigail with her utterly miserable marriage.


After a series of twists and turns, Henry figures out that it wasn't a murder but a suicide, which she arranged so she could go to a party, tell everyone she hates them and why, and then die in front of a painting by the man she actually loved. Everyone acts like she was a heinous bitch, but I thought she was a BAMF. She went out like this:

Son: Wouldn't you agree, mother?

With you, Conrad? I don't see think that's possible.

Son: Of course, will anyone be spared your ire tonight?

Your father, lucky for him, he's dead.

Mr. Mayor, I was under the impression you communists didn't care for such opulence.

Your reviews are pedantic, unoriginal, and lacking insight or clarity. Fortunately, you're a critic and completely unimportant.

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I'm kind of sad she kicked the bucket this episode, she provided a level of snark sorely missing from the characters on this show.


The real center of events this week was Lucas. Lucas first replaces Henry at the scene of the crime (because Henry refuses to go to the museum due to the aforementioned Abigail connection). There he proves that he's a master medical examiner:

Lucas: Would you like to hear my initial report?

Jo: Yeah, okay, let's have it

Lucas: Well, to begin with, she's dead.

He also manages to spill the details of the whole case to a random woman hanging out in the break room after commenting about the media circus. Didn't once ask if she was a reporter. Didn't say anything was off the record. Got Henry to take the fall and got him kicked off the case. Lucas, I crown you the KING OF M.E.S!

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He later redeems himself by going to the funeral home, saying that the new M.E. left his wedding ring in the body and he had to retrieve it, and did an unauthorized liver biopsy. During his lunch break. I'm so sad we didn't get to actually see this happen. Lucas could get his own spinoff called "KING OF THE M.E.S!"


The other great part of this episode was Ioan Gruffudd going full Ichabod "How confusing this time is" Crane in the police station. First, he doesn't understand why apologizing for Lucas' press fuck up and extending his hand didn't fix the problem. Second, when he's been kicked off the case, but is still investigating, he's hanging out with Lieutenant Reece watching an interrogation. She tells him "You're not here." Which is a hint obvious from space. But Henry's all, "But I am here." And then, when he's back for another interrogation, he's so pleased with himself for saying "I'm not here!" to the lieutenant. He's like a puppy with a new trick.

Here's the thing: Henry's not a time traveler. He's immortal. He's watched the world change, he shouldn't be incapable of reading basic social cues. Does he just never fit in anywhere? I know he said in an earlier episode that he moved every time it got too hairy, but being this bad at going unnoticed means he must have moved, like, every few months.


On the other hand, he was really excited by Lucas' illegal liver procedure. It was adorable, so I kind of don't care that Henry's the worst immortal ever.

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Other high points: I'm really glad to go another week without Adam the Not Methos, since I like this show best when it's operating on this level of full steam ahead weirdness and not immortal angsting. It's Adrian Pasdar doing that voice, by the way. It was really helpful to have him and his mustache on Agents of SHIELD right before Forever so he could be evenly identified.

And, once again, Forever psyched us out on that front. The promos made it look like Jo would figure out something about Henry's secret. But, no, she just thought he hated the museum because he preferred modern art. Nice fake out, angst dodged.


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Atomic Samurai Robot

Joel David Moore, Lucas, also plays (played) one of the quirkiest "squints" on Bones. I'm glad since I'm not watching Bones ever again since the drove right off the rails at the conclusion of last season and so far this season. Sometimes a show should be put down before the writers run out of ideas.