Let's Do the Time Warp With a Pair Who've Never Seen Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s just a jump to the left! Halloween might have come and gone, but Rocky Horror Picture Show is a timeless classic that’s great fun no matter when you watch it. We had a Gizmodo Media Group staffer, who’s also part of New York’s official Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast, bring two Tim Curry newbies into the family—including a total “virgin,” meaning someone who’s never seen the show on stage or screen. Dammit Janet, enjoy!


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Here is the thing. And I say this as someone who has seen the movie over a hundred times (at least half of which in a Rocky costume back when I used to be in shape!)

The movie sucks. It really, really sucks. The music is pretty good but that is one of the few saving graces.


The movie life with an audience of fans who are actively participating with ongoing shenannigans is AWESOME.

If you have seen the movie on the small screen you really have not seen the movie in the way that makes it fun.