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Let your organs be your personal DJ

Illustration for article titled Let your organs be your personal DJ

The music is inside musician Karina van Heck, who has found a way to make an electronic jam based on recording the sounds inside her body. Utilizing wearable mics, the artist mixes everything from her heartbeats to cardiovascular gurgles.


CBK 's-Hertogenbosch Karina van Heck - Wearable Event from Gordon Tiemstra on Vimeo.


According to Gizmowatch, Karina van Heck transforms the sound of blood flowing through your veins, among other noises, into beats, that she later mixes together. Apparently this project is actually a "a criticism of the technologies that have been lately employed to view the workings of the body on the inside." Sure, we just think it's cool to be your own ipod.

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