Let Vulcan Have Its Star Trek

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While many people may be excited about J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, few are as excited as the residents of the Canadian town Vulcan, who are depending on the movie to improve their tourism prospects.

Vulcan — population 1,942 — is already a Trek fan-friendly destination, as their tourism website shows:

Make the "Trek" to Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

The Town of Vulcan, sits in the heart of Vulcan County, and at the western edge of the Canadian Badlands in southern Alberta, Canada. Vulcan is recognized around the world for its coincidental science fiction relationship to Star Trek and Mr. Spock’s home planet.... but beyond the sci-fi, there are tonnes of things to see and do throughout this region, all within 1 hour from both the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge.

Make the "Trek" to Vulcan and Vulcan County, Alberta – and boldly go where you may not have gone before…


But that's not enough for the town's tourism co-ordinator Dayna Turner-Dickens; no, she wants Paramount to hold the premiere of the Abrams reboot movie in the town:

I've been communicating with executives at Paramount Canada and they still haven't said no. We're optimistic but they also haven't said yes... We are developing a second proposal now which we're going to send down which outlines the logistics of what an event would look like if it were to happen here. My hope is when I send that on to Paramount they'll say, 'Gee, this offer's too good to pass up and let's give them the movie.'

If it happens, Turner-Dickens — who's set up a Facebook group for supporters to join — has plans to convert the town's community center into a movie theater, and turn the whole town into a Trek convention. Some may say that the small town has no hope, but Turner-Dickens remains almost comedically hopeful:

Most people say you haven't got a chance and it's just crazy but my theory is as long as the senior vice-president of motion picture monitoring isn't saying no to me then I have to be optimistic.


'Planet' Vulcan still hoping to beam in premiere of new Star Trek movie [The Canadian Press]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Doesn't this guy know that they never say "no" in Hollywood, but if they don't say yes...