Let This Video Remind You How PG Movies Messed You Up as a Kid

The first time I saw faces melt in Raiders of the Lost Ark, I thought it was cool. The nightmares that came after? Not so much. Take a gander at some PG/PG-13 scenes from yesteryear and marvel at what filmmakers got away with in work that was designated suitable for young audiences.

In terms of taste, aesthetics, and technical advancement, genre movies have always pushed the limits of what’s possible in the realm of cinema. So it’s not surprising that ScreenCrush’s video essay about the institution of the PG-13 rating features lots of gore and violence from scifi, horror, and other genre work. Some of extremely influential and infamous movies show up in the reel and, if you’re like me, a flashback will show up with them. Poltergeist left me forever changed, and not in a good way...


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