Let The OSS Teach You How To Take Out A Tank Using Only Crushed Walnuts

This informative little film shows you how to take out an enemy tank. All you need is a condom, and a thing called caccolube.


There’s not much to say about this film — except that after you see it, you realize that the Office of Strategic Services was much better at fighting Nazis than it was at naming its Nazi-fighting tools. Is it even worth it to take out a tankm if you have to use something called “caccolube” to do it? Caccolube itself is just crushed walnuts, gritty powders, and anything else you don’t want, mixed in with the oil in your engine. The oil itself will dissolve the container, letting the powders loose.

Also, does anyone else note the fact that he tactfully says, “looks like something else”? What oh what could he mean by that?



Brought with pride to you by people who fought Nazis using inflatable tanks, deliberately placed dead bodies, pigeons, knives, swords, water skipping bombs, and fishing trawlers.

I don't think the bad guys ever had a chance.