It's been nearly a month since io9 lowered its shields and initiated signal transmission. Now we want to know more about you, our readers. We've posted a brief demographic survey to harvest your innermost thoughts — but we don't want to know anything privacy-invading like your address or phone number. If you fill it out, you will be entered to win some credits with Amazon. So what will we do with the information on this survey, other than feed it to our machine overlords?

Well, basically, here's the deal. io9 is free to you because advertisers are going to start buying ads that will run on the site. You already knew this, so don't act all shocked. Usually advertisers want to know who the audience is that they're reaching with their ads — that helps them decide if they want to give us money to run their ads. So, in part, the demographic information is for advertisers (minus your names and email addresses, which we don't give out to anybody). So if you like io9 and want us to keep zooming, please support us by filling out the survey.


It may not make sense, but it is the way of consumer capitalism, my humanoids. In this region of this planet, it is our way of allocating resources — though many of our wise ones believe it will not always be. Still, it is how your friendly editors and writers at io9 are compensated for their labor, and earn money for spaghetti.

And so, take the freakin survey people. Jeez.

Demographic Survey for io9 [via io9 Master Control Program]

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